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said."The whole ▓world is exploring the Chinese market," Li said.To e▓xpand influence among Chinese consumers, he sugg▓ested local producers should target the mass market and pu▓t emphasis on the taste of fruit in the wine.Besides, wine advertiseme

ne compared with men because "d▓r

nts should be simple and convey a▓ sense of fun, instead of having accent on knowled▓ge or technical jargon, Li said."Ordinary▓ consumers may not bother to figure out what is 'legs' or 'acetic acid', so just give them basic information s

inking wine is more elegant than dri

uch as the optimal storage temperature," he said.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatFirm's ▓listing to help it market fighter abroadFirm's listing to help it market fighter abroadFirm'▓s listing to help it market fighter abroad01-1▓6-2018 08:52 BJTShenyang Aircraft Corp, a major 


maker of fighter jets in China, has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, a move observers said will help to finance the firm's export efforts.The▓ Liaoning province-based company, part of the S▓tate-owned aircraft giant Aviation Ind▓ustry Corp of Ch

ina, was


launched Friday o▓n the A-share market, which is traded in the renminbi, according to a statement sent to China Daily from AVIC on Monday.Shenyang Aircraft is▓ the first military aircraft maker to go public on the Chinese market, the statement said. Before the move, AVIC reorganized Shenyang

Aircraft's ass


ets and merge▓d it with AVIC Heibao, a listed AVIC su▓bsidiary in Shandong province that produces trucks, according to AVIC.Shenyang Aircraft's listing will help A▓VIC explore the proper methods to optimize the co▓nglomerate's capital structure and securit▓ize its assets in the defense industry, the statement said. It also will enable Shenyang Aircraft to better upgrade its technol▓ogical and manufacturing capacities

▓, it said.

nking beer".Compar

ed with the United

Wang Ya'nan, editor-in-chief of Aerospace Knowledge magazine, said going public may allow Shenyang Aircraft to receive more investment from a wider variety of sources rather than th▓e military and its

States and Euro

parent company, enabling it to▓ better finance its efforts to sell fighter jets ov▓erseas."Currently, almost all costs of AVIC su▓bsidiaries pertaining to a military aircraft's research, development and producti

pean countries such as t

on come fr▓om the military and AVIC. This means Shenyang Aircraft has t▓o rely on its own profits, together with a l

he UK, France and

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imited amou▓nt of funds from the parent company, when it de▓signs, makes and markets a fighter jet specifically developed for foreign users," Wang said. "This must have hindered the firm's endea

vors to tap the international market."By comparison,▓ Western a

Italy, the domesti

viation giants can easily raise funds or introdu

c market ▓is still dominate

ce strategic investors from the equity market, meani▓ng there are steady sources of inve▓stment to help them design new products and expand market share, he added. Wu Peixin, an aviation in▓dustry observer in Beijing, said the direct benefit the Shenyang company would

d by baijiu, a Chinese tradition

expect from the listing will be more money that it can use in the FC-31 project, an ambitious effort to break the United States' monopoly in the advanced fighter jet

market.He said ▓that funds raised from the stock

al liquor, which contributed

market will allow Shenyang Aircraft to continue to sustain the costly program until it finds a buyer for the aircr

performance o f the economy and the on going cons ▓umption upgr ade among Chinese customers, Li said.China's m arket share in wine consumpt ion reached about 8.71 percent in 2017, rank ing third worldwide, and it▓ expects to s urpass the U K as the sec ond biggest in 2 021, wit h the US rem▓ai ning at the to p of the pack, t he report 阳江市wap 武安市wap 邳州市wap 尚志市5G 赤城县5G 麻阳苗族自治县5G 龙南县wap 赤水市5G 福泉市5G 黑龙江省wap 中阳县wap 宁南县5G 怀集县5G 石狮市5G 天门市wap 汕头市5G 项城市wap 建水县wap 宾川县5G 海南5G 传奇私服怎么解压 传奇私服gm命令大全 传奇私服刚开区一秒 传奇私服服务器租用价格 变态热血传奇私服网站 烈焰传奇私服无限元宝 单职业传奇私服脱机挂免费版 热血传奇私服金币 手游传奇私服吧 最火的传奇私服排行榜